Analytical Services

Gas & Hydrocarbon Analysis

We excel at analyzing for gas, condensate and crude properties such as composition, molecular weight, density, water content, viscosity, distillation and more. Our testing and analysis reports give you a highly accurate and representative forecasts of the material. Our capabilities include; 

  • Crude and condensate oil testing
  • Hydrocarbon allocation analysis
  • Natural Gas testing according to GPA 2261 and GPA 2286
  • Calculate the ISO properties according to ISO6974
  • Moisture in gas by ISO 10101 and onsite moisture check by SDAP/Chandler Meter

How Our Analysis Benefit You

  • Avoids damage to machines and equipment by targetting the most demanding issues based on the analysis results.
  • Ensures the samples tested as per required standards, provide knowledgeable interpretations and expert recommendations of analytical data
  • Minimize potential HSE hazards at maximum efficiency while helping client ensuring optimum production


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