Analytical Services

Non-Hydrocarbon Impurities Analysis

We combine advanced, full spectrum testing methods to ensure efficiency and minimize potential hazards through the impact of climate-damaging gases. Our capabilities include:

  • Non-hydrocarbon testing such as H2S, Mercaptan, Mercury and Arsenic
  • Mercury Mapping and H2S Mapping
  • NIC Mercury Analyser
  • WA4 Mercury Analyser
  • Auto Titrator for H2S and Mercapton by UOP method
  • Lumex Mercury Analyser
  • Sir Galahad PSA Mercury Analyser
  • Handled Pump
  • Stain Tube Method

How Our Analysis Benefit You

  • Avoids damage to machines and equipment by targetting the most demanding issues based on the analysis results.
  • Ensures the samples tested as per required standards, provide knowledgeable interpretations and expert recommendations of analytical data
  • Minimize potential HSE hazards at maximum efficiency while helping client ensuring optimum production


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