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The precision and accuracy of sample analysis relies on obtaining quality, uncontaminated and representative samples derived from the field. To achieve this, Petroknowledge has worked closely with major oil and gas players in the past to acquire sophisticated liquid, gas and condensate samples using innovative methods, providing these major players with analysis results that ultimately allowed them to optimize their field production and maximize profit.
This collaborative partnership with major oil and gas players has put Petroknowledge on the map as an industry expert in sample extraction and analysis, which is reflected in the testing and analysis services provided in our state-of-the-art SAMM-accredited laboratory. Our knowledge and expertise in the field has given us a competitive edge in developing a deep understanding of clients’ needs to perform comprehensive laboratory analysis services.
Our state-of-the-art SAMM-accredited laboratory is strategically located near the Kemaman Supply Base, providing comprehensive laboratory analysis services for oil, gas, chemical and water and aqueous-based samples to become a major working partner with various industries.



Able to provide a wide array of product testing and analyses, inclusive of integrated onsite and offshore sampling and analysis services


Accredited ISO 17025:2017 and ILAC-MRA


Specialize in the analysis of gas, crude and condensate, lubricant and oil, chemical and water


Houses highly competent personnel and IKM-approved signatories, modern laboratory equipment, and follows stringent methods and quality standards


Customize our services according to the specific requirements of our customers following core petroleum customers following core petroleum and petrochemical standards of ASTM, IP, UOP, APHA, US EPA EN including in-house standards and methods required by the customer


Produces online reports for your convenience

Directors Statement

Special Message

We understand your need to work with trained, experienced experts. Our company manages the continuous trust of our clients not only through the expertise of our personnel and the comprehensive capabilities of our laboratory, but also on the diverse experience held by our owners and directors.

Petroknowledge Owners & Directors

Each of our owners and directors have more than 30 years of experience managing oil and gas service companies.

Experience in onshore chemical blending, production and integrity chemicals, lab services & plant maintenance and shutdown.

Worldwide experience extending across seismic, hydrographic and seabed survey, soil investigation and drilling operations, well tests, production-surveillance and optimization.

Experienced in onshore chemical blending, lab service & plant maintenance and shutdown.

Experienced in surface, subsurface and underwater maintenance. Facilitates maintenance monitoring, ROV and AUV operations, air and saturated diving.

Company Establishment

Was incorporated on 18th October 2010 and growing strong.


Secured active projects on production surveillance. Developed our signature innovative isokinetic sampling method.

Established our mini lab/RAPID lab, offering comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis services.


Obtained laboratory recognition.

Registration No.


Nature of Company

Private Limited

Status of Company

100% Bumiputra

Paid-up Capital


Our Vision

To increase the value of our company by exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our services.

Benefits of Working with Us

Tried and tested innovative methods, a solid customer base, and a polished track record of successful projects – to us, delivering the best quality is what we do. Petroknowledge is committed to provide standard and personalized services to satisfy our customers.

The equipment and approaches of our business are constantly kept up to date with relevant patents and accreditations to continuously meet global market demands. 

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